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Studying in Georgia will give you a unique cultural experience with it’s location between the east and the west, between Asia and Europe, but difficulties rises for foreigners in taking the first step to process all the required university and legal documents.

For this particular reason I.E.C was established. Our experienced team will make sure that you will have a trouble free and a pleasant experience to start studying in Georgia, our services we will cover all procedures that you have to go through as a student starting with university registration to legal documents, finding an apartment, language barriers and much more, sparing for you a lot of free time to enjoy the beauty of Georgia and with our hassle-free packages you can be relaxed and with no worries on your first day of class.

Start a Brilliant Future!

Your life journey and professional career path is drawn from the moment you choose your academic journey. Let us give you the needed guidance and advise you to fit your future.